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Let us tell you who we are

We launched this website on Christmas Day 2007. It is an encyclopaedia of hostelries, e.g., public houses, hotels, bars, clubs, etc.

This website was initially set-up to promote British hostelries, which CAMRA had claimed were shutting at a rate of 26 per week.

Currently, we list such hostelries, irrespective of whether these are active or even still exist. Our database has an enormous number of hostelries. However, we have whittled these down to around thirteen thousand. Our pub guide is unique. It is intended for Brewers, Supermarketers, Wholesalers, Licensees, and people who fancy a drink.

We have collected our reports from a combination of personal visits, books, newspaper articles, information passed to us from social media, breweries, pub chains, and finally staff and ex-staff from hostelries.

Our Team

Phil Carney is a software developer. He provides the code and infrastructure for the website. He set up the website to keep alive the stories of British boozers.
In her, she is fully occupied with frequently sourcing valuable materials to use on the site.
He composes stories and site sections for My Pub Guide.

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We can add your establishment to this website. We would consider any hostelry; it have a bar. We would make it searchable on this website as well as SEO friendly to search engines, such as Google and Bing. We do the rest.

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